Large works on paper

We specialise in scanning large flat artwork on paper or any other material substrate such as textile or plastic. This work is undertaken on a large format flat-bed scanner made by the German Cruse company. Scanning with this equipment ensures that the safety of large art works is guaranteed. There is no contact with the original art work surface and handling of the object is minimised as the object is placed flat, face-up, on the horizontal scanning bed. Objects up to 1.5M x 1M can be scanned in a single pass making a file up to 2000 ppi if necessary. Larger objects can be scanned in multiple passes and stitched seamlessly together.


Small works on paper

CHD digitises all types of archival works on paper; manuscripts, letters, prints, drawings, ephemera and book pages. All digitisation is undertaken without any contact with the object surface and handling is undertaken to museum standards.



CHD offers the digitisation of all possible types and formats of photograph from Daguerreotypes and Autochromes to C-Type prints and large format colour transparencies and negatives.



CHD has considerable experience in the digitisation of textiles.
Textile objects can be fragile and difficult to handle. CHD uses its flat bed scanners to digitise these objects to minimise contact with the object. Our scanners are able to enhance the appearance of the warp and weft of the textile. This can be a varied effect that can show previously unseen elements of the object. This would only be undertaken with advice from the curator or archivist.


Art objects

The staff of CHD have experience of photographing every conceivable type of art object. Whatever objects you have, and whatever style that you wish to portray we will be able to assist you with. Our services include photographic products common to the digitisation of cultural objects. These include photography of oil paintings, silverware, ivory, ceramics as well as all types of works on paper and other media. Techniques offered are, completely colour managed object photography, ultra-violet imaging, analysis of watermarks on paper and macro-photography.



CHD has developed a method of photographing watermarks which allows the viewer to see them without the distraction of surface detail. This can be undertaken from manuscripts or pages from books.


Working on location

Moving cultural objects to a photographic studio can be both expensive and potentially harmful to the object. CHD will undertake work for you on your own premises if appropriate. Some work can be more efficiently undertaken on its own premises and a discussion regarding the best approach to your work will be undertaken before a project is finalised.


Technical Specifications

CHD maintains the philosophy that only the best equipment should be used to digitise the most important collections and to this end only uses high quality respected brands for both scanning and photography. The primary piece of equipment being the Cruse large-format flat-bed scanner . With this equipment the safety of large artworks is guaranteed as there is no contact with the original artwork surface. Handling is minimised as the object is placed face-up on the flat scanning bed. Objects up to 1.5M x 1M can be scanned in a single pass. Larger objects can be scanned in multiple passes and stitched together.

For Studio photography we use Sinar Technical and Canon Digital SLR cameras with Broncolor studio electronic flash.
The use of this equipment is coupled with well-developed work-flows that get the maximum from this equipment.
Our standard digitised file is a 16 bit uncompressed TIFF file at a minimum size of 130Mb. This is provided in Adobe 1998 RGB colour space. All colour management complies with both Metamorfoze, FADGI and UK National Archives guidelines.



National Archives


Strategic partners

If your requirement includes the installation of collections and archive management systems then we recommend our partners System Simulation Ltd., We work closely with SSL to help you to develop a complete management solution for your collection.